Accidental hand

Abstract, minimalist Vol. 6

Golden light


08 Apr 2020 12 19 123
New this spring, a very loosely made nest of twigs only. There was a bluejay walking around on it, but it flew away. Perhaps it was eating eggs. It didn't seem like it belonged there. Or, maybe it did. What do you think:

Meteors fell onto my shirt

29 Apr 2020 3 2 84
And boy, was I surprised!

Laundry, 2020

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Laundry, 1920

Every day is plaid day

29 Apr 2020 3 2 102
I've been experimenting with a widget called Magnifying Glass for my phone, which has a built-in flashlight. These five abstracts were done inside on random, boring items for the purpose of making photo artwork. Only one of them is left as-is, except for making it b&w. I was delighted by how clear the shots were, as opposed to enlarging on my phone camera, which looks terrible. The flashlight works much better than the camera flash, too, because it isn't nearly so harsh. The Google App Store has Magnifying Glass, so it's for Android. I would say it's only useful for middling quality phones such as my middling quality LG and matching skill level. It's FREE!!!

Wrong season

one life

03 May 2020 10 11 123
Taped to my mirror to remind me that I am lucky to be alive.

Velvet underground

Fred's visit

12 May 2020 11 10 126
A neighbor's cat who loves me.

Towels in a mood

Stainless steel green

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