Sunburst hosta II

Landscape & nature Vol. 5

Sunburst hosta II

Sunburst hosta I

Flowers in starlight

Blooming hosta

Wrapped cones

Crowd of pansies

Petunia party


Far shore

Sun flare

Veteran's Memorial Park

Duck - duck - coot

24 Oct 2019 2 170
Coots are jerks, but I like their comical behavior. They zoom around very fast, policing and attacking some groups of birds and seemingly protecting others. This one was busy keeping other birds of various species - even coots - away from these two and a few others near the rocks. I don't know the politics of it, I'm sure a coot expert has studied this phenomenon.

Elevated audience

24 Oct 2019 5 15 163
Seagulls are higher status than the pigeons.

A favorite view

24 Oct 2019 9 13 334
Lake Ewauna. On a weekday afternoon, it's a good place to go for solitude and peace, rarely more than a few non-intrusive people around.

The peanut gallery

24 Oct 2019 2 2 134
Pigeons are the lowest status of all the birds at the park.

Swan geese: bosses of the lake

24 Oct 2019 7 13 191
On EXPLORE. AA331 Waterfowl.

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