Chartreuse house

Architecture Vol. 4

Chartreuse house

Purple house

01 Mar 2019 2 13 169
Why why why would anyone do this? Maybe it's one of those neighborhood revenge things. Or, one of those ladies who loves purple has gone nuts? Photo through my dirty car window.

Condemned house, blue house

1958 Chevrolet Apache 32

Red house with Ford

Paris on Pine St.

Chevy Camaro, 1991 or 92

04 Mar 2019 11 23 262
The emblem is too small to see clearly, even before I added the "painting" effect. Thanks to '1971 Doge Charger' for telling me the model of this car!

My alley trip

09 Mar 2019 1 2 116
This is the better version, I guess...

Rainy Sunday, 8th and Pine

Ragland tower

09 Mar 2019 2 3 114
These are 1990s colors and I wish they'd paint it white with...I don't know...pale grey and black trim... AA284 Up there!

Simple art deco

Ragland Theater

09 Mar 2019 3 9 166
This was a movie theater until the late 1960s. I think it was called the Esquire. I saw Disney's Fantasia here when I was about 9 years old. I don't remember it being very interesting and a lot of other kids felt the same way, just going by the cacophony and projectiles launched among the seats.

Alley view

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