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  • Dart tie bar

    Made by Sophos Lambourne Ltd. in the UK. My father won it in a pub tournament in Northern Ireland in about 1968. I don't know whether they are still in business, but there are quite a few vintage pieces online. They seem to concentrate on men's traditiona…

  • Concorde key fob

    This belonged to my father, who was given it on his Concorde flight in the 1970s. Sterling silver with reptile leather, made in France. Dad was always in a hurry, so he absolutely loved the Concorde. Of course, he could not afford flights like that, but…

  • Tuareg cross

    Also called Agadez cross. It is in the Ethiopian Coptic style, but that would not mean it is a religious item for the Tuareg. The "Agadez cross" is a more refined style, my mother had one, and when I find it I'll post a photo. Tuareg silversmith making…

  • Big beads

    I used to make charm bracelets and other jewelry with beads, sold them for a few years, now I have drawers crammed full of beads from everywhere. The ones above are from India, size 18-20mm. Fat ones!

  • Great-uncle Lebbeus Woods

    1920s or 30s, Minnesota or South Dakota. Not the architect by the same name. The story whispered among the family was that his wife, May, had been a showgirl, perhaps even a prostitute, when he met her in Minneapolis after WWI. She wore makeup, smoked and…

  • Blurred vision

    Do you trust what you see?

  • Shattered vision

    My vision began to decline about two years ago, with nerve damage caused by glaucoma. I have two kinds of eye drops that have kept me fairly stable, but I miss my old vision..

  • View from the Sydney Observatory

    A tour of the observatory for Google Earth Moderators.

  • Rest stop, Blue Mountains

    Stone picnic shelter and my old buddy from our Goggle Earth Moderator days, Frank McVey. Scotsman, wicked sense of humor, and nearly unintelligible to my ears. I miss those guys a lot!

  • From a trail in a fern forest

    A cliff in the stunning Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.

  • Natural sandstone wall, Sydney

    Along the walk to the opera house, as I recall.

  • Lemon cucumber

    Tastes like lemon-lime with a cucumber scent.

  • Lemon cucumber

    Faintly cucumber with a citrus kick.

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