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Very old! We haven't had a Woolworth's here since...the 60s? By the way, the Woolworth's stores all over the world now aren't the original corporation. The name was bought by some other company. a long time ago.

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Léopold club
Are you a coronavirus mask maker for now on Diana ?
18 months ago. Edited 18 months ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Léopold club
I thought about it, but bought some instead. The elastic is too tight, so I am fixing them.
18 months ago.
 Blue rubber octopus
Blue rubber octopus club
Hah, my mom asked if I had any, and I dug up some ancient elastic from a drawer too. I'm finding that if I really search my house before I go to the store, I can often come up with what I need. I spent some time this last weekend organizing all my hardware, screws, nails, etc. I sat out in the sun on the driveway and found it amazingly peaceful and enjoyable. I've been doing so many home repairs recently, and I have a lifetime of accumulated bits and pieces I can use to accomplish things.
18 months ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Blue rubber octopus club
I find that sorting is relaxing, too, I've been doing it with some photo prints (yes...prints!).
18 months ago.
 Andy Rodker
Andy Rodker club
I made a mask from an old t-shirt and a couple of rubber bands and wore it for a couple of weeks.
Then my chemist said they had a limited supply of masks at that moment and I thought I'd better buy one (13€). The next day these were reported as faulty / useless, so I reverted to my t-shirt mask. Then my chemist (who wouldn't recompense me the 13€), sold me a box of 100 disposable gloves and I thought I had better buy them (18€). Next day these were declared useless. On my next visit to the chemist (who I accept is totally blameless in all of of this; the products were all Chinese by the way, you won't be surprised to hear), gave me a mask ("A free gift from the Mayor of Madrid!"), and ... you will be underwhelmed when I say that the next day these were declared useless.
So back to my trusty (washable) t-shirt mask!!!
For gloves I wear my kitchen / bathroom rubber gloves and I have been told these are the best but in the summer, your hands will sweat too much so they will slip off. Not with me! My hands are large and no glove can slip off. The problem I have is putting them ON!
We all have our own problems with following the official guidelines!!
Stay safe everyone!
18 months ago. Edited 18 months ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Andy Rodker club
Few people in Klamath Falls that I have seen are bothering with the guidelines. They make me angry. Of course, it's their political statement, or they simply don't "believe in it." I live among fools.
18 months ago.
Blue rubber octopus club
has replied to Diane Putnam club
We went and stayed in my in-laws cabin in the mountains last weekend. The locals appear to be the same mind as in Klamath Falls. I stayed as far away from them as possible. For the most part, we were totally alone, which was nice, and we managed to get out of the house.
18 months ago.

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