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Embarrassing incident

Embarrassing incident
This is my almost-13 y.o. granddaughter, who was at a park near her house with some friends. Just for a laugh, she lowered herself into the toddler swing. Then, she couldn't get out and her legs became so jammed that they started to swell. She lost feeling in her feet and legs and no one could free her. She had this very sheepish smile when the fire dept. crew arrived to get her out.

Schools in the county are all closed due to coronavirus. There is no mandatory lockdown, or even curfew, which is a mistake, in my opinion. It will probably take a couple more CoVid-19 cases in this county (currently one) for people to wake up. (Photo rec'd from daughter-in-law.)

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Leon_Vienna club
One known case, I suppose ...
I am looking with interest on how things develope in US. My government shot down (shut down, of course!;-) ) public live and I think it is a good decision! 360 people death in Italy in only one day - how many more reasons are needed to do all you can. A physician, who supports the government in finding solutions, told already last week: "we do not have a medicin against it, we do not have any inoculants! The only thing we can do, is slowing down the speed of new infection! The only thing we can do is reduce social contacts." Otherwise Austrias (rather very good) health system will colapse by beginning of April.
My best wishes and keep care!
8 months ago. Edited 8 months ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Leon_Vienna club
Our experts say the same thing every day and our stupid president says ridiculous things. Today, it seems he finally started understanding there is an emergency. He added that he rates his response to it as "a 10." Idiocy!

Yes, the hospitals are a major concern. We can't just let them become overwhelmed all at once - while some staff is also getting sick! The states and even cities are making decisions on their own to quarantine, since there is no direction from DC.
8 months ago. Edited 8 months ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club
Awww...........poor girl, she must have been so embarrassed :-(

Still, she wasn't badly hurt and she'll definitely think twice before doing it again (maybe) :-))

They seem to be doing all they can to keep the schools open here, but things are changing daily.
8 months ago. Edited 8 months ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to Keith Burton club
Haha - she sometimes pays a price for her adventures. If she was a little older, she would have been a lot more embarrassed, because firemen are always young and handsome - so it seems.
8 months ago.
tiabunna club
A great capture of an event she'll probably remember forever (with embarrassment). Yes, the COVR-19 is just beginning to bite here too, with about 10,000 projected by the start of April. Our medical facilities are generally good, but with little reserve for something like this and it's hard to be impressed by the medical response to date from our national government. We're in voluntary self isolation.
8 months ago.
Diane Putnam club
has replied to tiabunna club
About the same situation here, with the so-called national leaders being the anti-science type and many other qualities that get in the way of rational problem-solving. I feel terrible for the Italians, though, they've been hammered with this crisis. I read that many doctors and nurses are down with the virus, some have died. We've got projections in the millions...ugh! I'm determined to live through it, so I'll be awfully lonesome for company by the time this is over.

Carley is hard to embarrass, but I think this will do it! Lol! Thanks, George.
8 months ago.

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