Diane Putnam

Diane Putnam

Posted on 09/06/2018

Photo taken on September  6, 2018


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Green Dominates

Basking in his success

Basking in his success 

He is holding his driver's Learning Permit so casually, but inside he is shouting for joy!

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Yes, in the USA, where the places are so far apart and the public transport is not so well developed, a drivers license is essential.
At the time when I was in his age, for the youth it was the first thing you did: getting the drivers licence. Nowaday a lot of young people doesn't care about that anymore. The new luxury is having no car. But this not a bad development; there are enough cars on our streets. :-)
9 months ago. Edited 9 months ago.
slgwv has replied to polytropos
Depends on the part of the USA. Outside some of the big urban areas a driver's license is still a coveted rite of passage!
9 months ago.
polytropos has replied to slgwv
Yes, of course, that's true. I spoke about the situation in my home country Switzerland.
9 months ago.
Diane Putnam has replied to polytropos
It's a very hopeful sign that in many US cities, there is a large bicycling culture. This has grown over many years. By contrast, in my small conservative city, there have been protests against a new dedicated bike lane on part of a street. There are bike lanes everywhere already, but the fact that this one was "dedicated" probably made some people mad. It's too progressive! ;-/
9 months ago. Edited 9 months ago.