We've arrived!


2012 visit to the Amazon and Pantanal regions of Brazil. Comprises photographs by both Steve and Belinda Garland

We've arrived!

07 Oct 2012 86
The thing on top is the mud nest of a Rufous Hornero (that's a type of bird). The bird itself is perched in the middle top. It is one of the commonest birds all over the region, so a good one to learn early on!


07 Oct 2012 118
Our first close-up Capybara

Hyacinth Macaw

08 Oct 2012 1 1 243
We saw loads of these - a speciality of the Pantanal region.


08 Oct 2012 120
A small one (about 3 metres) poking his head out of a hole on the riverbank

Jaguar 1

08 Oct 2012 87
Our first Jaguar - on our first day of looking!

Jaguar 2

09 Oct 2012 121
Our second Jaguar on our second day of looking!

Giant Otter

09 Oct 2012 97
This was a family group. We watched them eating a massive catfish, then later they settled down in the sun on the river bank

Giant Otter

10 Oct 2012 71
This one came over to screech at us for getting too close

Monk Parakeets

10 Oct 2012 112
These had a big communal nest on a telegraph pole

Belinda stroking a Caiman

10 Oct 2012 118
It is recommended to move very slowly!


10 Oct 2012 114
Steve strokes a live Caiman


11 Oct 2012 131
A family of Coatis feeding

Sun Bitterns

11 Oct 2012 90
A pair of Sun Bitterns displaying to each other

Great Horned Owl chicks

08 Oct 2012 108
There was a whole family roosting in a copse of trees in the Pantanal

Muscovy Ducks

12 Oct 2012 72
The wild ones are a bit nicer than the ugly ones we have in UK farmyards!

Tube-nosed Bats

12 Oct 2012 98
These roost on the underside of riverside trees and usually roost in a vertical line

A baby snake

16 Oct 2012 90
Our guide Munir videos a baby Boa constrictor, which we later helped off the road.

Boa constrictor

16 Oct 2012 113
The only snake whos English and scientific names are the same! This is a baby, only 1m long

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