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  • Canterbury Cathedral: choir (5xPiP)

    The choir at Canterbury Cathedral with the tomb of Archbishop Henry Chichele on the left and Trinity Chapel (up the flight of stairs) in the background. 1st PiP: Trinity Chapel with the tomb of King Henry IV. ws/a…

  • Skylight / Oberlicht

    Im Sprinkenhof ( of) UNESCO World Heritage
    By LutzP

  • Havøysund (2xPiP)

    A very colourful sunrise at Havøysund. Warm low pressure led to ice rain by afternoon, virtually every surface was covered with 1-2 cm of clear ice.

  • Formosa Boulevard Station

    Doch, U-Bahnhöfe können schön sein, und dieser ist es ganz besonders. Ein Kunstwerk für sich. Leider gilt das nicht für das Stitch-Ergebnis meiner Fotos ... mosa_Boulevard

  • Tromsdalen

    Tromsdalen is the part of Tromsø situated on the mainland. It's connected to the city centre on Tromsøya via tunnel and the 1036 m long and 36m high Tromsøbrua. On the right is the so called Arctic Cathedral which in fact is not a cathedral but just Troms…

  • #44 Shanghai Contest Without Prize (2018/03 CWP) "Urban Night Shots"

    Shanghai, Cina ►◙◄ Contest Without Prize (2018/03 CWP) "Urban Night Shots"

  • Winter hats

  • Explosion

  • Mortsund morning

    Stitched from 2 photos EXIF: 1/125 • f/8.0 • 32.0 mm • ISO 500/ Canon EOS 6D/ EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

  • Bolton Castle (3x PiP)

    Bolton Castle was built in the 14th century and is a Grade I listed building and Ancient Monument. Damaged in the Civil War it stands to this day and is still owned by the descendants of the family who built it. Mary, Queen of Scots, stayed at Castle Bolt…

  • Frontiers of the Roman Empire (2xPiP)

    118 km long Hadrian's wall was erected 122 a.D. under emperor Hadrian. It runs roughly between Carlisle and Newcastle making use of natural features like Whin Sill and was fortified with a ditch and various forts, one of which was Vercovicium/ Housesteads…

  • Inside the Grand Mosque

    Über dem Hauptraum wölbt sich eine 50 Meter hohe Kuppel. Die Kuppel besteht aus einer Reihe von aufwändig gravierten Dreiecken mit Glasmalerei innerhalb eines Rahmens von Marmorsäulen. In ihrer Mitte hängt einer der größten Kristalllüster der Welt. Er is…

  • Stykkishólmur church

    Stykkishólmur church at dawn. The church overlooks Breiðafjörður and can be seen from afar. It was designed by architect Jón Haraldsson and consecrated in 1990.

  • Muscat City Lights

    20 Jahre lang suchte man im Oman vergeblich nach Öl. Erst in den 60er Jahren wurde man fündig. Bis 1970 war das Land strikt abgeschottet. Kein Ausländer durfte den Oman betreten, kein Einheimischer ausreisen. Binnen 30 Jahren hat Sultan Qaboos sein Land a…

  • Glacier Point Vista (090°)

    Yosemite National Park
    By LutzP

  • We'll find a way

    NOT a Happy Fence Friday - but nevertheless a good weekend to all! I'm going to overwinter here:

  • More is more (PiP)

    The Sunday Challenge (TSC): Maximalism Maximalism as antithesis to minimalism- more is more instead of less is more. I can relate to that as my bookshelves groan;-) Collage made of several single shots, then edited in 4 different ways and made into a co…

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