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Lush vegetation

Forest of dandelions

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Spring mushrooms and plants

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HYGROPHORUS MARZUOLUS is one of the best types of mushrooms. PRIMULA VERIS is the first herald of spring, a favorite herbal remedy to combat respiratory problems, bronchitis, insomnia or allergic disorders. VIOLA ODORATA is used in the treatment of asthma, tuberculosis, headache, bloating, gout (role), sore throat, rash, measles, scarlet fever, pulmonary catarrh. Due to its calming effect, violet is successfully used in the treatment of hysteria, hypochondria, nervous heartbeat associated with the feeling of fear and severe breathing, insomnia, headache, etc.

Plućnjak (Lungwort)

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Plućnjak (Pulmonaria officinalis) It is used as a liver for lung diseases and coughs (hence the name). It is also useful for cleansing and strengthening the blood. Young shoots are rich in vitamins and can be eaten as salads.

The blossom of the cornel tree

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The cornel tree is a symbol of health, prosperity and power.For a person who has no any problems it is said "healthy as a cornel".

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Spring hello!

Vilino sito

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Carlina acaulis. The plant is used as a means of water excretion, bowel cleansing and urinary excretion.

Bouquet from the June meadows

Crocus vernus

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