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Art and banking

In King Milan Street in Belgrade there is a building in which they have always worked bankers. It was built in 1924. and speaks of the conjunction of architecture, mythology and banking. She was born in academic manner, a ruminated and measured concept. The work is by architect August Reinfels. Facade with sculptural and relief performances in most cases it's work the Slovenian sculptor Lojze Dolinar. Facade architecture is full of symbolic features. Hermes (Merkur) It is designated as a mediator between gods and humans, protector of trade, passengers and everything that makes profit possible. He's skillfully connected with other figures on the facade, which extends his powers. In this to him also "helps" and other sculptures - Poseidon (Neptune), Aphrodite Pelagia, Eupoloy (Venus). So the story of banking also unites all other ways of money - It connects valuable industrialists, merchants, sailors and farmers - on their way to the same goal - achieving profit.
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