Tuscany of Republic of Srpska 2

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Greetings from Belgrade

Zappa raft

Златно љето

24 Aug 2013 77 44 727


A lazy summer afternoon in a farmyard

Зеленило око зелене ријеке

Ordinary summer scene

Cetinsko polje

Rustic fence

02 Aug 2019 52 33 652
HFF from Belgrade

Somebody is observing us

30 Jul 2019 50 23 541
Somebody is observing us Uno, due, tre, quatro I didn’t lose all, -something I and got. (Sth I lose, and sth I got) I didn’t gamble all away -something and remained.... REF : Someone is observing us, someone is watching us constantly. Everything weren’t burned, -something I extinguished. I wasn’t lost, -still I managed myself.... by EKV (Ekaterina Velika) youtu.be/dK1Rm9VGHvw The author of the mural is Andrej Josifovski (28), also known as a street artist Pijanista. He is also the author of many famous murals in Serbia.

Mushroom ikebana

HFF to everyone!

A view from a deep shade

Season's HFF!

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