Scarecrows in kailyard - PiPs


Green summer landscape

Gather of hay

Road in the mountain

26 May 2011 35 27 364
HFF to everyone!

Clouded Apollo

29 May 2018 33 16 290
Parnassius mnemosyne

Waterfalls on the Ugar river

A spring storm comes

Pulmonaria officinalis

09 Apr 2018 35 21 358
It is used as a liver for lung diseases and coughs (hence the name). It is also useful for cleansing and strengthening the blood. Young shoots are rich in vitamins and can be eaten as salads.

Red on the wind

09 Oct 2017 36 28 585
HFF and H.A.N.W.E.

Awakening of spring in my backyard

Marina in Marina

If it is outside -15 ° C...

26 Feb 2018 33 21 572 it today with me, load good fire, put tea or soup to cook and enjoy watching trough the window as snow falls


Sunny winter day

Outside is a blizzard

We're looking for our mother

Vivid autumn colours.

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