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  • Red flame

    Bonsai has not let me down. This year its covered in flowers but nothing better than sunlight and flowers. find the one real flower .

  • A new year and a Whole lot of learning

    It was always one of my wishes to get a tracker. So this year it all starts again Sky Adventurer 5 Kg load so i hope to use my 150-600mm as well as 70- 200mm and my 105mm. er this is a whole lot more learning to…

  • Just before it rained

    After days of clear blue skies and not a cloud in sight , we get this. Today nothing but Blue go figure...

  • Between Rocks and a hard place

    when you dont look to the southern pole Due east. ISO 1600 86 shots.

  • Summer bow

    Compare the two bows they are quite a difference. This is a 14 shot 2 Row Bow as it was so high in the sky.

  • Starter nearly a year old.

    I like this view less than a year old looking very good a lot of finger tip pruning.

  • Huge Boab

    Just another on the side of the road compare my 6' father to the tree.

  • Magnetic termites

    huge nest but lots in the area not long ago as you can see a fire. this was taller than my 6'3" nding-termite-mounds This part of the wide open Australia that is HAPPY FENCE FREE not one in sight.

  • Sitting Snowman nding-termite-mounds

  • Large Boab tree

    Just on the side of the road.

  • ‘The Boab Tree’ HFF

    more info,_ Derby

  • Mirror Mirror which is the Brightest of all.- do open wide on black

    The Mirror under the stars and the milky way bow. best viewed large.

  • Homeward Bound

    Sunset & Moon rise. pure Golden hour Light

  • Helping Hand Panorama

    You can see why I went to the original shot. maybe not of interest to others the PIP is the approximate position of the star formation to line up the tracker for the southern skies. Or the third way the southern celestial pole is a equilateral triangle us…

  • Helping hand

    I have just bought a Star tracker after promising myself for years while I was waiting for it to arrive I thought it best to get the right info. Unlike the Northern hemisphere we do not has a single star to map to. I searched the net for some clue where I…

  • Pioneer Woman Monument

    The change in 40 years is quite a lot but still a very fitting monument to the pioneer women of western Australia. I found out its lit in summer nights rather than all year so we went to capture the same magic as 40 years ago. I hope the new version does…

  • Coloured lights

    the fountain in 40 years has changed what was orange is now green and the reverse. I have the old slides shot.

  • Find the Christmas trees you cant miss the colour

    Where we had our Xmas lunch out in the bush smokey windy day. 38c in the end. PiPs show just how many in the landscape.

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