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  • Historic Fremantle HFF

  • Dragon On the Bonsai Wisteria

    This year I have no flowers it has just come into leaf , I hope its just this year moving to a warmer part of town and I repotted into a larger pot. PIP is a few years ago.

  • Chinese Elm- Bonsai

    A tree that is a 30 years old after being the cafe lots of branches died back so they got cut off. So for the last 6 years it remake the tree all over again. Bonsai is a none stop enjoyment and accepting changes a living with the tree through the seasons…

  • Tree Top Walk - HFF

    one of the high light in Kings Park is the tree top walk and the glass sided bridge. HFF

  • Home again

    Nothing like Europe but I hope for those that followed a learning curve other than just my self.

  • Lone tree

    Wheat field in the west. one of the fav shots from the trip. PIP 1 it does not get much tougher that this. PIP 2 small wild flower yellow daisies PIP 3 Granite out crop and Canola PIP 4 Canola Field

  • On the Road again But we are off the road

    These are the Trays of huge Mining trucks 6 times we had to get off the road for all sorts of Huge loads. PIP 1 Clearing the road side. PIP 2 HUGE gum trees on the road. PIP 3 Salt affected area

  • Light through the trees

    At Sun up PIP Old home.

  • Sunrise lake Cowan ( On the run 5 :40 am)

    Salt Lake not fresh water.

  • Endless Road - Lost car.....

    As the road is endless so you loose cars to the sky. PIP 1 madness PIP 2 FDSA air strip for emergencies on the road.

  • Eucla Plain

    The Eucla plain PIP 1 driving down PIP 2 Escarpment PIP 3 Tree in a million

  • The Great Australian Bight

    one on the big disappointments for myself and my brother in law. All the photo spots the bus was not allowed to enter. PIP 1 looking east PIP 2 Endless sea South PIP 3 Photo opportunity

  • Welcome to the Nullabor

    Home of mountains, Endless Valley's, Reflective lakes and Endless forest, the real Australia and far from home. The very unique landscape that always changes. look at the PIPS. PIP 1 just before you get to the real Nullabor PIP 2 wrong road PIP 3 Spot…

  • Road Train - a whole lot of truck.

    When one of these trucks is on the road passing is a whole new question. NW WA they are allowed 5 not the two seen here a very long load and a real road train. Pip Kimba Road house

  • Kimba Milky Way @ full moon

    cloud free showed me I was never going to get a shot as it would be blanket of clouds so I left my Astro lens at home to save weight. I had a very small window of dark but the bus Driver did not want to stop till we got the Kimba road house. Astro @ full…

  • The Fingers of Gold

    Leaving Augusta at Sunset but no stopping.............

  • Port Augusta - old bridge

    We got stuck on the bridge as a car had broken down so for the first time I had a real chance to get a real photo not at 103km/h

  • Once Loved

    In the shadows of the Flinders range As the sun is sinking lower.

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