' t Klooster in Ter Apel

Startrails: 90 exposures 10 seconds each, f=10 mm, f/8, ISO 1600. For the building I used 1 exposure of 4 second, f=10 mm, f/10, ISO 1600

Harener Mühle (view on black)

Canon EOS 700D, f/5,6, T=30s, ISO 800, f=10 mm and 60 exposures combined

Planet trails

21:23 single exposure 21:28 -- 21:43 trail, 160 exposures each exposure T= 5 sec, f=31 mm, ISO 200, f/13

Lichtinstallation über Oberlangen (view on black)

Left: startrails 30 minutes, 50 exposures of 30 second each, f/5,6, f=11 mm, ISO 800 Right: single exposure 30 seconds, f=11 mm, f/3,5, ISO 1600

Twisted chimneys

On top of the Krameramtsstuben in Hamburg Dizzy: www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCDPlU6ioZU

Region around Polarstar

Upper picture 33 exposures 30 seconds each no tracking. Lower picture 7 exposures 30 seconds each with tracking Note that upper picture shows that the Polarstar is not exactly north

Midsummer Night's Dream

60 1 minutes exposures combined The Who: Summertime blues www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQpiv2vNmV8

Shortest night

60 exposures of 1 minute each www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQBkV7s0sV0