Desirée (1971)

Scan of a slide I made in 1971 (Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35). My niece is now 44 years older.

Oude Linde bij 't Klooster

Picture made in 1972 with my first real camera, a Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35. The camera doesn't exist anymore and also the tree (~500 years of age) is gone for ever Zur Geschichte:


In honour of Copernicus 1976

Scan of slide made in 1976 in Torun (Poland). Wonder whether this piece of art still exists in Torun. 2017 it does on the University Campus

Oude linde bij 't Klooster

Scan of 1973 slide

My first camera (1969)

Lago di Garda: Tragflügelboot (1973)

Scan of 1973 slide Gibt es das Boot noch?

My first car

Scan of 1978 slide. On my way to Macedonia

In memory of....

Einer meiner ersten deutschen Bücher


The Westerbork Syntheses Radio Telescope in The Netherlands started operation around 1970 and is still used for radioastronomical observations. I used this instrument as a student at Groningen and for my PhD work. Scan of a 1977 slide.
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