• Desirée (1971)

    Scan of a slide I made in 1971 (Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35). My niece is now 44 years older.

  • Oude Linde bij 't Klooster

    Picture made in 1972 with my first real camera, a Zeiss Ikon Icarex 35. The camera doesn't exist anymore and also the tree (~500 years of age) is gone for ever Zur Geschichte: www.kloosterterapel.nl/de

  • In honour of Copernicus 1976

    Scan of slide made in 1976 in Torun (Poland). Wonder whether this piece of art still exists in Torun. 2017 it does on the University Campus

  • Oude linde bij 't Klooster

    Scan of 1973 slide

  • My first camera (1969)

  • Lago di Garda: Tragflügelboot (1973)

    Scan of 1973 slide Gibt es das Boot noch?

  • My first car

    Scan of 1978 slide. On my way to Macedonia

  • In memory of....

    Einer meiner ersten deutschen Bücher

  • WSRT

    The Westerbork Syntheses Radio Telescope in The Netherlands started operation around 1970 and is still used for radioastronomical observations. I used this instrument as a student at Groningen and for my PhD work. Scan of a 1977 slide.

  • Ein Bild wird erklärt

    Die Gründe das ich so oft in Grossensee bin und Hamburg liebgewonnen habe

  • No title needed

    One of my first LP's www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qBqPqMtbHQ

  • Harm Hummel

    Left: my grandfather, Harm Hummel , born 1889. This picture was taken in Ter Apel between 1930 and 1935. Took a lot of restauration

  • Grandparents transporting peat

    A picture from the 1930 th showing my grandparents, father, two uncles and an aunt Soundtrack to Life: John Lennon's working class hero www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lKwXwU5iWs

  • Railroadbridge over the Mincio (1972)

  • Alles hat einen Anfang

  • Pueblo of Isleta

    Scan of 1981 slide

  • North Rim

    He told me: "it never rains at the Grand Canyon this time of year!!

  • Ein Käfer schafft's

    Scan of a 1980 slide. This happened at Camping del Garda, Peschiera

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