Ronald Losure's videos

Whitetail deer at night

07 Dec 2021 10 6 46
Three or maybe four whitetail deer passing by my critter cam on 3-4 December 2021.

White pelicans

Ruby-throated hummingbird

22 May 2021 9 12 142
This hummingbird was filling up on sugar syrup. She is feeding her babies in their nest a few hundred feet away.

Whitetail deer gathering for the night

Whitetail deer visiting hollow tree

25 Sep 2020 3 10 89
Some nearly full-grown fawns were playing peek-a-boo with each other.

Speckled king-snake

02 Aug 2019 8 16 172
Lampropeltis holbrooki

It's the train they call "The City of New Orleans"

08 Jul 2019 5 12 116
Southbound pulling into Greenwood. For a famous song about this train: More about the song: Made with

Monarch caterpillar eating milkweed

27 May 2019 3 2 79
Danaus plexippus

Eclipse 2014

08 Jan 2019 11 13 136
A partial solar eclipse on 23 October 2014, seen from Columbus, Mississippi. Made with Apple Photos.

The Blue & the Gray

06 Aug 2015 5 6 84
A poem and song about the American Civil War. Lyrics by Francis Miles Finch Music by John Purifoy Performed by the Columbus Choral Society Video by Ronald Losure

Garip & Branco playing in the pond

Pond repair time lapse

20 Nov 2018 3 13 113
In November 2016, I hired my neighbor to repair the dam that makes my pond. He has lived here all his life. (He's in his upper 60s.) He said this pond was old when he was a boy. Beavers had burrowed through the dam, and trees had fallen, taking big chunks of the dam with them. He repaired the dam, and deepened the pond. Here is a time-lapse movie of one day's work.

Flying squirrel video

17 Nov 2018 6 16 99
I went back through my old photos and found this short video of a flying squirrel.

Coyote walking in the forest

11 Nov 2018 2 6 119
In the middle of the afternoon (2 June 2017) my "critter cam" saw this coyote walking by.

Young alligators

Bald eagle feeding hidden babies

Bald eagles exchanging duties

27 Jan 2018 5 8 204
One bird has been sitting on the nest for a long time. The other arrived a half hour before this and is now taking over child care duties.