Ronald Losure's photos

Pied-billed grebe

Sunrise in forest after sleet storm

US Air Force trainers returning to base

A friendly encounter

24 Feb 2021 5 5 20
Branco, Asker Garip & Canada geese

Canada geese on the pond

24 Feb 2021 8 7 27
Branta canadensis

The first pineapple flower bud of the year

21 Feb 2021 10 8 34
I keep my pineapple plants in the house during the winter. In the summer, they are outdoors in a cage (to exclude raccoons).

He: Let's go north. She: Let's go south.

21 Feb 2021 8 9 42
Hooded mergansers

Quince flower bud in ice

Icy tree at sunrise

Bamboo covered with ice

Ice on a juniper branch

Ice on a pine branch

Northern cardinal (F)

17 Feb 2021 18 18 45
Squirrels have been eating pine seeds in the trees above the ice.

Northern cardinal (M)

Ice on the pond

16 Feb 2021 6 10 27
The area that looks clear is actually ice that formed after the snow stopped.

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