David Morgan's photos

On Parade

The officer's passing-out parade, R.A.F. Cranwell - 2016

Providing the music

At the officers passing-out parade, Cranwell. Oct - 2016

Meeting the Chinook

At R.A.F. Cranwell


Corridors of power

Inside CHOM, the officer training school, R.A.F. Cranwell.


Alone In The Cloisters

Durham Cathedral's pale lit old cloisters; this stranger added a nice focal point for me: thank you, whoever you are!



The knocker on Durham Cathedral’s northern door, known as the Sanctuary Knocker, played an important part in the Cathedral’s history. Those who ‘had committed a great offence,’ such as murder in self-defence or breaking out of prison, could rap the knocker, and would be given 37 days of sanctuary within which they could try to reconcile with their enemies or plan their escape.


Prebend Bridge in September

Every time I pass this bridge I can't resist taking its photo, there is something stately about it. Please enlarge.


Timeout for Two

Taken from Prebend Bridge in Durham City.
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