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  • Wanderung zur Kuppelwiesalm

    am ersten Urlaubstag starteten wir bei bewölktem Wetter, das zuerst in Regen und dann in ein starkes Gewitter mit Hagel, Wolkenbruch überging. Zum Glück konnten wir während des Gewitters in der der Kuppelwiesalm Unterschlupf finden.

  • Ziegen auf der Kuppelwiesalm (2 PIP)

  • Μονή Αγ.Γεωργίου Χοζεβά - Η Πύλη... St.George Hodjava Monastery - The Gate

    ... Άγιοι Τόποι...Ισραήλ Holy land..Israel

  • Icon of Panaghia Hozoviotissa on the Gate

    ... ...

  • hang in there

    Grace and beauty . . .

  • IMG 0020.jpg Belle dame

  • Sweden - Västerås, Anundshög

    Anundshög is Sweden’s largest burial mound. It is 9 metres high with a diameter of 64 metres. It dates from the 6th to 8th century AD. The mound is built on a foundation of clay on which the dead were cremated. The remains were then covered with a mound…

  • Danaus chrysippus"Plain Tiger"

    Underside Scientific classification Kingdom:Animalia Phylum:Arthropoda Class:Insecta Order:Lepidoptera Family:Nymphalidae Genus:Danaus . chrysippus Binomial name Danaus chrysippus (Linnaeus, 1758) Bellissimo lepidottero capace di effettuare una lunga mi…

  • Ici et là ...

    "Pourquoi les choses font-elles toujours penser à autre chose ? cf. Norge, (poésies 1923-1988, les oignons) Bonne semaine à toutes et à tous...

  • Monarch

    First one I've seen this Summer.
    By Betty

  • Smoked fish

    Drying in the sun

  • LYS MARTAGON.. Vu sur Explore

    Macro du Lys martagon, fleur de montagne....
    By DANY

  • Exit, Stage Left!

    Colorado Springs, CO - I had only about 15 minutes to sit and enjoy the hummingbirds yesterday but I did catch a couple of cute poses. This Male Calliope sat for a second or so before departing left toward my feeders ...

  • Now that I have your attention ...

    Hartsel, CO.


    Vallée de La Maurienne en Savoie.

  • zonsondergang

  • Die Stillach bei Oberstdorf

    bei Oberstdorf

  • ...rivero Brennica.....

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