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  • Waiting

    At Tso Moriri, at 4600 meters altitude on the Centra Asian side of the Himalaya. Close to the border with Tibet, in Ladakh, India. Very remote...12 hours across trackless sand in high altitude desert, this is the summer grazing lands for the Ladaki herder…

  • HFF

    Sunset at the abandoned desert railway station in Oodnadatta, far north South Australia. Formerly a stop on the old, superseded Ghan Central Australian line to Alice Springs. It is one of the remotest and hottest places in South Australia.

  • Taking the yaks home

    In the remote Spiti Valley, at 4300 meters in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The yaks are returning home for the night, safe from wolves. Although they are a bit large for snow leopards to tackle, the young can be vulnerable. There is qui…

  • The roadside

    Paddy melons on the roadside in desert Western Australia, in the Murchison region. The road is the red dirt on the right hand top of the picture. Paddy melons are not edible for humans.....They thrive in desert areas Nothing eats them: they are poisonous…

  • HFF....from the vineyard

    Adelaide Hills, close to my house...autumn in the vines! Lovely cool climate wine area of Australia. Have a great Friday, and a sunny weekend. Wishing you and your loved ones good health and positivity in the coming week. Thanks for your visit! In answer…

  • Sculpture

    Yerevan, Armenia

  • HFF from Summertown, Australia

    Autumn light on the old shed and vineyard about 250 metres from home. Have a safe Friday and weekend. Let’s hope this pandemic decides to abate soon. Best of wishes and thoughts to you and your loved ones, and thanks for your visit!

  • HFF

    From Mestia, High in the Caucasus in Georgia, with the ancient Svan defence towers among the snow topped peaks. Have a happy Friday. Keep occupied with things which make you happy, but most of all, keep safe and well in these troubling times. Big hug fr…

  • HH(ealthy)FF

    From along the River Liffey, Dublin. Keep healthy all. Wash hands, try to stay positive...hard when the world has gone mad. A large virtual hug.....

  • HFF

    Central Kolkata, India. A woman doing her dishes, and has her laundry hanging on the fence to dry. The railway line is a very busy one. Have a super good weekend...hope you stay safe and healthy. Thoughts to those in lockdown... Big best wishes to all, D

  • Happy stone fence Friday

    Path from the ancient fort on Inis Mór, in the Aran Isles, Ireland. Have a creative weekend, and keep warm and dry. I should be able to visit you more as my family has just left and I am not child caring for a 20month old any more! Exhausting! Thank you f…

  • HFF. Remnants

    In the middle of nowhere! In the ruined silver mining town of Silverton in desert Australia. HFF to all and a sincere wish for a rewarding and happy weekend, and a lovely new week ahead.

  • iPhone picture by my fire fighting husband.

    My husband is fire fighting on Kangaroo Island. He found this burned koala today and organised its rescue. It is believed that 30,000 koalas have died on Kangaroo Island....among untold numbers of other native animals. The rain which is in some areas of…

  • Fence, adorned with Lada

    HFF to all! Debed Gorge, Armenia, visiting an ancient monastery. Impressed by the Lada, as usual! Have a wonderful weekend everyone...thanks for any visits and comments. Best wishes..Diana

  • Scale of fires

    Today in Australia more catastrophic fires drove whole towns of people into the ocean, with the military and airforce rescuing them. Temperatures have been above 35 for weeks. 5,000,000 hectares of Australia have burnt..if it was In the U.K., this shows h…

  • HFF

    From Ushguli, Georgia. The Svaneti region of the Upper Caucasus close to the Russian border. Have a fabulous Friday and a happy, positive and cheerful weekend! Thanks so much for any visits and comments....

  • HFF from the high Caucasus

    Ushguli, in Northern Georgia close to the Russian border at 2,300 m in the high Caucasus Mountains. The tower is one of dozens of Svan mediaeval defence towers in the village. These defended against attackers and invaders. It is, and was even more so, a v…

  • HFF from Svaneti

    The UNESCO listed village of Ushguli high in the Caucasus mountains of Northern Georgia near the Russian border. An Ancient culture with its defence towers, in a remote and harsh environment. Best wishes for the weekend and coming week to all xoxox

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