Montgomery Canal.  Bridge 82


Frankton Staircase Locks

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The building seen to the left was the Old Canal Tavern, and the small building to the right was a stable clock.

Canal reflections

Repairs finished at Aston Lock 3

Montgomery Canal. Bridge 77

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For some reason this is called the Red Bridge. No idea why. SORRY - having some computer problems. Hope they get sorted out soon.

Bridge 78. Montgomery Canal

The old bone works chimney

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The Maesbury Bone Works, or Artificial Manure Works was situated in the village of Maesbury Marsh, on the side of the Montgomery Canal, behind the Navigation Inn. The site had been used for a number of years in the early 1800's, as a Smelting Works. Fertilizer and glue were produced needing a good supply of horse and cow hooves and when boiled up, gelatine for glue was extracted while the bones were crushed up for fertiliser.

Bridge 79. Montgomery Canal

Montgomery Canal. Bridge 83

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This part of the Montgomery Canal is under reclamation. All the work is down by volunteers. There is a barrier under the bridge to prevent any more water from entering. There have been some leaks since this stretch of canal has been in water, but these seem to have been successfully dealt with.

Montgomery Canal. Bridge 82A

Montgomery Canal. Bridge 82

Montgomery Canal. Bridge 81

Montgomery Canal. Bridge 80

MC Aston lock 2 balance beam

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A balance beam is the long arm projecting from the landward side of the gate over the towpath. As well as providing leverage to open and close the heavy gate, the beam also balances the (non-floating) weight of the gate in its socket, and so allows the gate to swing more freely.

Larch and Reeds

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Interesting things found along the way in the notes: Snowdrops Catkins Canal map Car parts

Beatle hair cuts? Try to see it my way. ;)

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Bridges 76 and 76A

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