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A mini CV here in the ipernity

Welcome to the NEW back up site of a semi-professional photographer, serious radio monitor (DXer), official reporter and photographer for the private Odium of Litohoron (the city on the hills of world famous mountain Olympus ), former satellite antennas importer and installer, technology news monitor for many specialized groups including (one is for technology& computers news , Intellectual property and internet , another for radio, another with jokes for 45 persons , and many others . Full listing here ) , MP3 format techie ,web-worker, gadgets reviewer , and also a dedicated fan of Malaysian and dangdut music since 89 and 2000 respectively..

This page will be the new hub for newer postings together with Facebook that replace the site to be ‘defunct’ as social site multiply

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radio Logs since August 2012 - all logs in journal part in ML will not be posted

remain reviews (general material , contains multiply's reviews but originally contained soem radio surveys except for network reviews )

general videos from my oldpal (added 15 videos from ML many were cross posted the previous years )

radio reviews and mirror of OLD geocities

You can find all my pages so far (>20)in this link many of them stopped contributing :
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