Well, hello. :)

So I've moved a bunch of my photos over from flickr to fill this stream up a bit. Not sure what to make of it though. Somehow everyone is in some interim state waiting for either flickr to fix bugs and rework their crappy layouts or for someone to declare this the place to be? I figured I'd move with the crowd but I'm still struggling with the navigation on here. I can't find a link to check activity on my and other people's streams once I commented....although I'm not a great commenter (is that a word?) anyway. I do like the terabyte of space on flickr we're given. I haven't been pro over there for years so I appreciate seeing all my old photos again without cashing out. While I'm not into the new layout and the site is generally slower because of the great number of photos loading, I still feel more at home there and would rather stay over there. I'm not good at having tons of social media sites. I hardly actually do anything but look at photos on flickr these days and the same goes for my facebook. Another site is really not what I'm wishing for. So I'm still hoping people adjust to the new flickr or they might add some more layout options.

I do like this feature of having some form of incorporated blog on here, however. This is nice! ;)