ihr lieben, my dearest,

vielleicht kann mir jemand von euch helfen, den ich suche den prolog des engels aus o.g. films der beginnt mit: ´ als das kind kind war .... ´ - vielleicht kennt oder weiß jemand den kompletten text ? ich suche diesen schon so lange und erst neulich sah ich den film wieder ... seuftz ....

- sorry - didnt got the time yesterday to translate .... i search for a poem out of a german film from wim wenders english title: ´wings of desire´. i was searching sooo long and it was on my mind since i saw the film the first time. now i saw it again on tv and i neeeeeddded that poem - and anne was so kind - she got it !! many many thanks to you anne - i think this poem is so true and goes straight to the heart ! i will tell it someday my son ! so keep the child in yourself and enjoy reading it and think about it and tell me your thoughts. that would be quite interesting !! 

love to you all ! Zabine