No, she's not a model, she's really a violinist... besides that, an utterly gorgeous one!

Due to her creativity results the fact that we could take such a variety of different pictures on one day (as one of the reasons). A large part of the things we did were brought up, inspired or pushed by her. And last but not least, she mostly posed just by herself and did a great job! Now or then I just gave her some ideas or hints... Of course it's hard to tell, but concerning the ideas we had, it felt like 50/50... and I'm still proud of that! :)

You can find her extraordinary music on myspace:

A small selection of the pics can be found on my flickr-page in the set photo shoot.


Big thanks to Abe, who gave me his camera, incl. the great 200mm and fishey-lenses! Without it, I don't know what results (or how few) we would have now...