Hello friends,

As some of you have seen, ipernity was under maintenance for 8 hours yesterday. This was the longest maintenance we ever had to do.

So what happened?... we renamed all you files. As you may have noticed the document urls are now different. Isn't that cool? ;)

Let me tell you why :

  1. You now can link the originals inside and outside ipernity - before it was a non permanent/time limited link.
  2. We changed the sharpenning algorithm to make it smoother. Older photo thumbnails will be automatically regenerated in a few days.
  3. We changed the video convertion algorithm and we're now ready for HD. We now only need a flash HD ready player.
  4. You will soon be able to change music/video covers to what you want. No more audio icons or sometimes poor thumbnails extracted from video keyframes.
  5. You will soon be able to add a watermark automatically on your photos.

So the files urls changed, but what about older links? Do not worry about this, we will keep older urls working.

What is the benefit of having permanent link to the originals? You now can host animated gifs or zipfiles. We know this feature may cost us a lot (in bandwidth) but we think it's something some of you will really appreciate.

That's it for today. More will come on the team's blog on monday.

Wish you all a great sunny sunday ;)