I got up this morning and as usual the first two thing I do are switch the coffee machine on and the the computer so that I can read my e-mails that have come in over night and have a nice cup of fresh coffee to start the day on...then the trouble started....I couldn´t drive the PC up...a message said " please reinstall "Winows XP"...so far so good..or bad!!!....I then found the Windows XP disc...it all went fairly well untill it wanted the Product Key...do you think I could find it...could I ****, I then thought that my son might know where it was...but he was at work and wasn´t due home until mid-afternoon..he came home and I explained it to him..of course he knew where the wanted number was...in his appartment...well how was I to know the eh!?....in the end we got XP running and internet of course but most of the data was gone..as my son is "fairly" brainy he got the idea to install some "recovery " programme  so that he could recover some of his photos of concerts that were on this computer but not on his.....all went fairly well again until I wanted to listen to the radio via internet...now that still doesn´t fuction.....all the "Players" are installed...has anybody any idea what has gone wrong?..we will just have to keep messing about with the thing until one of gets a bit of luck and it works...well you all know the old saying "A computer is like a women...you never understand them properly"...so with my little moan and groan I will say "Tatty by"until the next time.