Throughout history, communities have been disrupted by change. Sometimes these changes are caused by natural disaster, more often they are caused by the actions of rulers and the economic and social effects of these actions.

The people caught up in these changes may decide to carry on with their lives under the new conditions, others may choose to move on in search of a better life elsewhere.

With the growth of web communities we are also seeing virtual migrations. The most obvious in recent years was the migration of a large community from MySpace to Facebook. The growth of these social network giants was also the end of personal websites, hastened by the closure of free web space networks such as GeoCities.

Flickr proved a lot of fun for several years and I made several good online friends there but the sudden redesign in May 2013 came as a bolt out of the blue - the rulers changed everything and lo, you have online upheaval with people facing the decision to stay and see how things panned out or move on to make a fresh start.

I found the Flickr redesign didn't really work for me because I felt the social side was pushed to second level and realised that was what really mattered to me. I heard many Flickr members were moving over here and decided to take a look myself. At this stage I'm very much getting to know things, testing things out, like this articles feature, and seeing what I make of it all. I t may work for me, it may not, the only way to find out is to try it out for a bit...