I have never tried a blog before and so this is going to be fun.

I am here because I have become disallusioned with Flickr. It is so large and rapidly becoming very impersonal and cold. I would like to be able to make honest comments, positive and sometimes negative about other peoples pictures. Also have the same done for my photos. Also ask advice when I need it and give it when I am able. Simple really.

I love a number of things in life. My wife, my kids and wildlife and photography. I really enjoy macro photography but certainly do not limit myself to this.

I am going to write various bits about technique, having a laugh with a camera, what I think makes a good picture an what doesn't.

I see interaction as vital. I don't mean the flickr stuff, post one and comment on 30 and then pretend they all love your photos. I mean interaction....talk, exchange of ideas.

Anyway I will get things going with a few pictures.....please let me know what you think, good and bad.