I have been a bit unorganised lately over here at ipernity because I am currently in the process of uploading the old pictures from Flickr :) It has been a bit long but in the next days it should be finished!

Also, I decided that for now I am keeping BOTH, Flickr and Ipernity. I saw that most of my contacts over on Flickr are staying so I will be keeping it and I am getting used to most changes (even if they are really annoying sometimes) and also waiting to see if they improve at least some of the mistakes they made. But well, for me right now what really matters is the community so I am staying. However I am also keeping this account (I am trying out the Club for 3 months to see if I like it) and I will try to upload pics on both of them.

Maybe in the future I will choose one or get tired of the system, but for now I keep them both and see how the things go!