On the commercial side, the HP Indigo facilitates printing with high quality results and is cheaper than inkjet pigment. A limitation to note is page size and substrate selection. Most digital presses will print on a 13"x19" page with a 12.5"x18.25" live image area.

Around 2012, HP released the Indigo 10000, which is a 29" format. They cost alot and at the time of this writing, very few of them are in the states.

With regards to (uncoated) substrates, Mohawk and Neenah have tuned many of their papers to run on this platform.

I printed the all of the signatures on a 7000 series using Finch Fine ID, #100 text (148 gsm). The grain direction for this paper is wrong but it is still useful as an example. I think Mohawk Superfine would be the best option.

By default a sigle hit of K/black has a washed out look. I found that a 'double-hit' is necessary to acheave an acceptable black density. This is still not as dense as the matte black ouput from the Epson Stylus Pro.