I wanted to discuss a project I've been consumed with for three years now. I have desired to create large format versions of my favorite manga.

Issues with current publications:
  • 5"x7.5" is too damn small
  • Books are generally printed on paper that is one or two steps above toilet paper. Most books are printed on lignin containing paper, which causes them to yellow and get brittle wit
  • Binding quality is just aceptible enough to last out the store. Any book ready with moderate use, would fall apart.

I also want to recreate them from the best original materials, if possible. Scanning publish books will enlarge the offset line-screen patterns. So I started conversations with different publishers but only continued with one (of which keeps pushing our appointment date further along). I will be pursuing others after my the first project is complete. From what I've heard back, the licensing costs are rather steep, but not impossible. While I'm am probably insane enough to do this all on my own, I figured that others would be interested in something like this. I have tried to discuss this subject with others(on other forums) but I find that its always regarded as spam...

So I figured I would just start with a single volume work. At the moment I'm taking the legally gray(in the states) route of scanning the original and privately producing one copy for myself. I describe it as "repairing my damaged copy". I am currently doing preliminary work before committing to production [scanning, editing, and doing mock-up printing]. I'm still shopping for the perfect paper and stocking up on ink.

The full repair will be a leather bound, 12"x18" tome. I will use fine paper (cotton or alpha cellulose (won't yellow or get brittle with time)) and pigment inks that don't fade (+100 years). It might even have heavy wood covers with corner bosses and clasps... I have recently been asked: do you really think it is necessary that it will endure more than a hundred years? I would say yes, but I don't have much to follow this proposition up with. Its important to me and one never knows what will be valubale to anyone, in any time...

Is it expensive? Sure, relative to a copy of the original printing. I project the overall price per copy to be in the $500 - $1000 range. I don't think this is all that bad... Without even a second thought, people easily blow thousands of dollars on their cars, before spending even more on customization to their liking.