The word "Hoon" in Australian slang is usually applied to an idiot behaving irresponsibly behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. We suffer examples of moronic driving frequently on our quite little rural road. The average age of said morons remains unknown.

On Friday, 17th January, 2014, our little hamlet was on 'Red Alert' because of a bushfire which was started by lightning a day or two peviously but not properly extinguished as it was burning in inaccessible terrain. This fire later became a serious threat due to strong north-westerly winds.

I spent the day observing the fire which involved hourly visits to my lookout post about 1 km from my property. At around 7.15pm, I was just about to return home when I noticed some greyish smoke coming up much, much closer to home. The origin of this smoke needed immediate investigation.

I followed my nose and soon came upon a scene I did not wish to see on such a devastating fire day! What I encountered was at least two private fire units in the process of controlling the fire. I observed a person covered in blood and writhing in pain in a ditch and I noticed a car about half it's normal size which was completely burnt out. I could not tell you what make the vehicle was other than it was a small sedan!

I confess, right now, I have not undertaken a first-aid course.

There were a couple of bystanders looking at the driver as he called out for help. One of those bystanders I strongly suspected of having undergone high-level first-aid training as part of his employment.

Until the CFA and Ambulance arrived, it was left to me, running on instinct alone to render aid to this person suffering because of his sheer stupidity. A hoon driver who came unglued. I am tending a person who could have been responsible for burning me out within ten minutes had the fire he caused not been jumped on in the nick of time. I am tending a person who was probably drunk, speeding and hooning. A person who was probably over 30 years of age. Not some 18 year-old dickhead testing his wings.

And what of my encounter with his blood? I didn't have gloves in my vehicle. Do I now ponder whether I should have the relevant blood test for HIV and Hepatitis C? I will discuss this with my doctor, obviously.

So what have I learnt from this experience? Human kindness trumps digust and disdain when put to the acid test. Faced with the result of blatant hoonism, I had always imagined I would just drive on by relishing the thought that I had just passed the scene of an idiot driver who brought himself undone because of his sheer stupidity at the wheel of his vehicle.

How little we really know about our inner selves.