I am a wildlife photographer. A few days ago, I was horrified to see my Flickr site ruined. I've been a Pro Flickr user since 2009 and have over 2,400 specialist photos loaded to the site and placed into sets by family; sub-family and alphabetically, by species name.

I need a site that can be easily accessed for the a number of purposes, in particular, research. Flickr no longer serves that purpose.

Today, I joined ipernity as the Flickr exodus gains momentum.

The brainless yahoos scripting Flickr into oblivion may go their hardest. I no longer care.

UPDATE (24/5/2013):

Thanks to the ipernity Team's dedication to their new customers and via a very handy script they supplied, I am now in the process of transferring all my work from Flickr. Over 630 photos so far today but there are another 1,700 odd to come. Once a couple of bugs are ironed out with regard to payment, I'll be 'in the Club' with unlimited downloads. Until that's sorted, I will be waching my MB allocation for this month with this free account.

I won't be missing Flickr. I have no doubt, we can build the same sort of communities, we so enjoyed at Flickr.

Too bad the Yahoo/Flickr CEO has such a low opinion of serious photography and photographers. Her loss, ipernity's gain!

I hear Flickr crashed today. Perhaps they should have thought of that before they cheapened the format to the low levels of other social media available out there. If I wanted to be a Facebooker or Tumbler-type, I would have acted accordingly. I don't and I won't! Serious photographers are walking away and it absolutely serves Flickr right.

Sometimes greed isn't always good, Flickr. For some reason, I doubt you are listening.

Goodbye, Flickr.

UPDATE: (29/5/2013)

I have just killed my Flickr Photostream - and it felt good!

I have seven months Pro subscription left. I have clicked through the guff to make me "Free". Now the exciting bit - will I get my refund, as promised BEFORE the refund offer expires in August? Stand by for further bulletin!