A while since i was active on ipernity. no reason for alarm, busy at work and such things that have taken my mind off photography and instead pushed me into politics - through my job as a news anchor for Press TV. Some links to video of my on-screen work can be found in my facebook page.

But today i really needed a break so I took a walk in Tajrish. Bustling commerce and leisure shoppers abounded in the warm afternoon. Thick clouds brewing over the mountains came to only light spits of rain but a sign that autumn is on its way.

After a bite to eat at the jigari (griled liver on skewers) I took a step forward in photographing people in the street.

The shoe-shiner on the steps next to Mellat Bank knocked me back at first but I literally stood my ground, camera in hand and the fortuitous arrival of a customer. A young guy who wanted the soles of his football boot mended managed to get a smile out of the chap. At first he said only one but I showed him that I had underexposed. That was my cue and I sat down next to him and started chatting.

Later, on the fringes of the bazaar I caught the young guys in front of the vanity belts and promised them a quick print from the developers up the road which I handed to them 10 minutes later.