you know, I don't want to judge what a society does or doesnt do. I mean, the simple fact that people group themselves together and see themselves other than individuals is wrong - whether you discriminate according to race, sexuality, even ability and intelligence. basically - a government is obliged to play to the people's mass-mindedness in order to stay in power and take advantage of it. Very often - sadly - this involves fostering norms which play to that mass-mindedness. One could even say that the iniquity of a system of government is in direct proportion to its need to manufacture a majority - to manufacture consent - by a combination in various proportions of outright force, cult of personality, propoganda and marketing, systematic education, regulated use of drugs etc... you can call it "unite and conquer". Create a mob and manipulate it.

When a society sees something as undesirable - there is always an act of distancing and stereotyping involved. There is no individual on earth that one could not accept the humanity of given sufficient time and patience. But instead, man all to easily discriminates and judges. In Iran, gays have a particularly hard time getting accepted because of strong prejudices. I guess I'm more interested in why people have prejudices in the first place as opposed to what they are particularly prejudiced against.

I'm sure that BBC documentary was interesting about gays in Iran. But don't you think judging the situation in Iran is a bit premature when the heart of the issue is right on the doorstep. Why not ask – what is it about any culture’s system of norms and values that makes it necessary for a person with minority sexual orientation to feel “born the wrong gender” in the first place? This we can study without sensationalizing surface differences between geographically and historically distinct national groupings.