Coming up to one thousand visits - thanks ipernity!

Time for some shouts of appreciation for contacts who are making my ipernity world go round...

Ojisanjake - for constant photographic inspiration and reminding me of Japan

Bigoode in the clouds - super-real blogging, No.1 ipernity networking

Fabian Zerneke - looking forward to P ART Y!!!

PolkaDotSpeedo - kindred spirit lost in the UK

Adam - for constant inspiration for new groups

JapanVisitor - who put me on to ipernity in the first place

Roland Platteau - for inspiring me to learn/write more about my country

nottiestyle - Japan group wa sugeeee!

Lars Sozuer - always on the lookout for "script" group

Everyone on ipernity - stand tall, fight the good fight, everyone say " P E A C E ! "