Will Yong is bored of facebook. try "ipernity."

SS: I find your status blasphemous!

WY: Facebook is no longer part of my religion. I no longer believe in its existence. It's a parallel world of poking, tickling and sending non-existent beers... if the beers existed I would believe. No beer no Facebook. Simple as that. you back in Iran yet?

SS: Yes, but I find non-existent beers, pokes and hugs heart-warming, as am in a sorry excuse for a country, living with a sorry excuse for a family and it's these little delusions that keep me going, and enable me to suppress the overwhelming urge to throw myself out of the window that posseses me every time I leave the safety and comfort of my bed. Am currently on the verge of tears as am desperate to go out for Ashura, but have to work instead. Sod it all.

SS: Facebook, Little Britain, Bridget Jones and Dylan Moran are the only things keeping me going........*sigh*

WY: in my cold, cold world, I snub pokes, brush aside non-existent beers and reject e-hugs. I slink home after shifts here at press tv and forlornly check, recheck and triple check my ipernity space to see if anyone has marked one of my photos as a favourite, or sometimes just to count the number of extra hits I've got in the last few hours. When the number goes up I feel wanted and temporarily secure and when someone replies to one of my posts I feel super-elated but deep down I know that if that person really knew what a neurotically attention-seeking, friendless cretin I was he wouldn't even cross the street to piss on my burning carcass. Now that's despair. Eat my tears.