I have an Iranian journalist friend who has an interesting opinion on media portrayals of Iran.

Take the Guardian newspaper for example, it's the furthest left broadsheet in the UK. But when push comes to shove it WILL sacrifice its liberal values when British national interests are at stake. It's stance on the Iran nuclear issue are a case in point. Certainly, the Guardian's perspective on what constitutes national interest will differ from the Telegraph's but basically, journalists have the right - if not the duty - to use their power to further the overall political aims of their country as they see them.

It's the same on the political scene now. Russia and China are on Iran's side for now - but if the situation changes you can bet they'll drop us like hot yellow cake! Why should we think that journalists are immune to playing the power game?

Islam IS a threat to the West because it's living theism - it's actually positing the existence of a value system incompatible with the consumeristic idol-worship that forms the foundation of Western economies. That's not to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran actually promotes those true Islamic values - they're just riding on the wave and creaming off the profits just like every other government in the world... now we're REALLY diverging....