"There is hardly any word which is more ambiguous and confusing than the word "love". It is used to denote almost every feeling short of hate and disgust... People feel that they love if they have "fallen for" somebody. They call their dependence love and their possessiveness too. They believe that nothing is easier than to love, that the difficulty lies only in finding the right object, and their failure to find happiness in love is due to their bad luck in not finding the right partner."

"... it is believed that to fall in love is already the culmination of love while actually it is the beginning and only an opportunity for the achievement of love. It is believed love is the result of a mysterious quality by which two people are attracted to each other, an event which occurs without effort. Indeed man's loneliness and his sexual desires make it easy to fall in love and there is nothing mysterious about it, but it is a gain which is as quickly lost as it has been achieved. One is not loved accidentally; one's own power to love produces love."