"Man must accept the responsibility for himself and the fact that only by using his own powers can he give meaning to his life. But meaning does not imply certainty; indeed the quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers."

"The disharmony of man's existence generates needs which far transcend those of his animal origin. These needs result in an imperative drive to restore a unity and equilibrium between himself and the rest of nature. He makes the attempt to restore this unity and equilibrium in the first place in thought by constructing an all inclusive mental picture of the world which serves as a frame of reference from which he can derive an answer to the question of where he stands and what he ought to do."

"...there are many other strivings which are looked upon as entirely secular which are nevertheless rooted in the same need from which religious and philosophical systems spring."

“In our culture the picture is so particularly deceptive because most people ‘believe’ in monotheism while their actual devotion belongs to systems which are indeed, much closer to totemism and worship of idols than any form of Christianity.”

“All men are ‘idealists’ striving and are striving for something beyond the attainment of physical satisfaction…. The very best but also the most satanic manifestations are expressions not of his flesh but of this ‘idealism,’ of his spirit.”