There are a lot of internet community sites out there and I've tried a few of them. I started out with Yahoo360. In Iran I think it's the most popular choice - mainly because most people are still on dial-up connections and it's not such a heavy download. In theory it's not that different from ipernity but the overall feel always struck me as a little too chatty. Noone was sharing anything particularly interesting, i hated the ads. I gave up on it pretty quickly.

So then came Facebook. Again, I can only use it at work so that's one drawback but more than that  - It's all a bit slap and tickle isn't it? Poking, giving beers, joining funny groups - do you talk about your Facebook lives in the pub and laugh about how funny it was that X "set the Grinch on you" and you retaliated by "using the force" against him? Being out of the country I guess I've missed the true facebook phenomenon which is surely mainly occurring 9-5 in offices all over London. I imagine there's already a "too cool for Facebook" crowd who look down on it like they probably did on Big Brother and other peurile pop culture fads.

But like I say - here in Iran Facebook isn't really happening because of government internet censorship. I'd be interested to hear how it's affected your lives back in London.

Shows you how long I've been away - the last big London pop-culture fad I remember was Big Brother!