The province of “Pars” (now “Fars”, capital Shiraz) was the centre of Iranian civilization during the time of Cyrus the Great. The name “Persepolis” comes from the Greek rendering, “Persis”. The name of Iran’s language, “Farsi”, also derives from the same – the change to “F” came after the Arab invasion and reflects the lack of a “P” sound in Arabic.

Now, “Pars Online” is Iran’s number one internet provider – one arm of the business empire of former President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani no less. The “Peugot Pars” is an automobile based on the old Peugot 405 which is assembled in Iran. Parsa is a popular boys’ name, Parisa for girls, and Parsi Cola is a home grown soft drinks brand which still does the rounds in reusable bottles all over the country.