I've had all kinds of ups and downs trying to get to grips with working here. It's hard to put a finger on just why nothing quite works the way it should. There seem to be quite fundamental differences between the way organisational structures work here in Iran compared with back home in Britain. Japanese formal power structures are another story entirely...

But what's the story exactly here at Press TV? Well, for a TV channel supposedly aiming to win viewers all over the world, it pays surprisingly little attention to the quality of the output. It's pretty clear sometimes that the texts I have to read on air have been passed without even the briefest check for quality. Mainly due indeed to there being no more than four or five staff members who really could tell you the difference between good writing and bad.

More alarming is the complete lack of any kind of editorial direction beyond promoting the most basic anti-U.S. and anti-Israel sentiments. Because of the lack of checks, the writers here have almost complete impunity to interpret Press TV's objectives in whatever manner they choose. Some of the newswriters have worked for Iranian news agencies before coming here but, without exception, these writers are the weak performers who've just settled into a formula which pleases their superiors and allows them to keep their jobs.

Which brings me on to perhaps the most important reason why Press TV fails and will continue to fail to broadcast high quality news output. Lack of functioning meritocracy. Partly due to lack of knowledge, part nepotism, huge dose of administrative inertia and you've got a rigid system with no one being assessed or appreciated for what they are.