"This will keep our energy bills down," I argued. "Yes," my husband replied, "but the kids will still hold the door open during our latest blizzard and invite every snowflake and chilly breeze out there inside."  "Well, they're safer than the windows we've got now," I countered. "You can break these windows just by sneezing hard on them." Jack the Ripper could come back from the dead, break in, and we can become his latest victims. But oh, no, unflappable husband replied, "We've lived here for a long, long time and we've always been safe."

I pulled out the Silverline replacement windows replacement window quote I got an online and showed him how affordable they were. He was convinced. "Okay, let's check this out."  If you replace your old windows with new Silverline replacement windows ones, you can not only save yourself money, but increase your home's value as well. Think about yourself. If you're looking for a home, you want one with old, cracked windows, or new ones? I bet I know what your answer is.  Now that the windows are replaced, I'm going to start working on him about the furniture.

They will keep the heating bills down by trapping the heat inside instead of trying to heat the great outdoors. Yes and the kids will make up for that by fanning the door open 19 million times a day was the answer I received. How about the fact that they are safer than the windows we now have? The old windows could be broken into with the tap of your finger in the right place. Someone could break in and kill us in our sleep. Did that faze him? “We have lived here all our lives and never had a problem.” was his response.

Ok, so the time had come to pull out the big guns. Do you know that replacing the old windows with Silverline replacement windows windows can make our home worth up to $25,000 more than it is now? Now I had his attention. “$25,000?” Yes, and should we ever decide to sell this can make a big difference in whether you get a buyer or not. “$25,000?” Yes. How much is this going to cost was his next question.  Well I got a Silverline replacement windows replacement window quote online and you would be surprised at how affordable they are. Well maybe we should check this out after all. $25,000? He was hooked.  The fact is that replacing your old windows with new Silverline replacement windows windows can do all this and add to the value of your home. Think about it. If you go look at a home, are you going to be happy with old windows that let everything escape and everything in? No, you are not.  After the windows are replaced, I think he needs to learn about how much better new furniture makes your home look.  

It was time to pull out all stops. I thought a moment. Then I said, "If we replace our windows with newer Silverline replacement windows ones, our house will be worth up to $25,000 more than it is now." That made my husband snap to attention. Suddenly, his eyes gleamed. "And it would make a great selling point if we ever decided to sell the house, too." The icing on the cake came when I showed him the price quote I got online, but he was already sold.