So, on Valentine's Eve, I helped a friend of mine with their small wedding. First off, I would possibly would not want to do it. But they didn't wanna spend their money on a hired photographer since they have booked their honeymoon and besides it was only for that two hours.

There I was, in a dilemma. It was kind of a mixed reaction at first. I was scared to do one, but in the same time, the thought of excitement runs through me as well. After some persuasion and talk, I finally gave in and promised them I will do some snapshots for them. Boy, if I would have known the amount of post processing involved, I would have certainly said no. That is one reason why professional wedding photographers charge a huge sum for it. The mental preparation and post processing involved is just a nerve wrecking experience.

Here are some photos from the day of their wedding. It seems that the AF on my K5 is having some challenging situations. Could possibly be the tungsten lighting. I wished I had gotten the k5iis or the new K3 for this, but I will have to work with what I have for now. Any critiques and comments is very much welcomed.

P.S Finally got around to finishing the slideshow for them