These amazingly gorgeous felines are seeking warm, safe, loving forever homes. Please consider opening your heart to them.

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Maverick is an ~8-month old kitten who has transitioned from feral to friendly. Maverick now LOVES to cuddle. Maverick is a bit nervous around visitors, but he finally associates them with good things (TREATS), so he sticks around to meet them. Maverick has crawled into the lap of one visitor for a good cuddle. He has super soft fur and welcomes scritches all over. Maverick gets super excited about treats, so it is best to put them in front of him instead of holding them out to him in a hand (he snatches the treat and sometimes gets a finger with it). This dear boy gets nervous around sudden movements and would be best in a home without small kids. Maverick has been neutered, dewormed, and vaccinated against rabies. He is FIV/FeLV negative. He has also received his first FeLV and distemper vaccinations. Maverick consistently uses the litterbox. Adoption Fee: $50.

Ambrosia & McIntosh (ADOPTED)

Ambrosia and Mack are a playful pair that just turned eight weeks old on 6/9/14. These two precious wee kittens are seeking a forever home together. Both were exposed to a virus when young and are taking lysine twice daily (currently Vetri-Lysine Science treats but also can be given lysine powder in wet food). I would likely continue the lysine for at least a month, possibly longer. These two have spay/neuter agreements and are available for adoption for a fully refundable $50 each. If they are spayed/neutered before seven months of age and verifiable proof of spay/neuter are submitted, their adoption fee is fully refunded. Ambrosia and Mack have been dewormed, and both use the litterbox consistently.


Puck is a precious 7-month-old kitten who faces bouts of eosinophilic granuloma complex. We believe her trigger is an ingredient in standard cat food and cat treats, so she is on a raw diet from Woody's Pet Food Deli. Puck can eat limited ingredient duck & pea food as well. Puck will always be petite in spite of eating more than any other cat in the house. Between her energy level and her metabolism, I don't ever expect Puck to reach more than six pounds. Puck had feline leukemia, but she has seroconverted and no longer carries the virus in her blood (both SNAP and IFA negative). She has been spayed, dewormed, vaccinated against rabies and distemper. The dear girl consistently uses the litterbox. Adoption Fee: $50.


Mr. Grigsby is another gregarious, outgoing feline. People who visit to choose a home often fall in love with his handsome looks, outgoing personality, and soft fur. However, he will need a special home. After all, Mr. Grigsby is allergic to standard cat food. He can have limited ingredient duck and pea without difficulty or, what we feed him, ground up chicken from Woody's Pet Food Deli. Of note, it isn't as simple as that. Why not? Mr. Grigsby is food obsessed. He will go after any food in the sink and even has figured out ways to open cabinets (now all have magnets holding them closed). This boy will tear into bags of anything left on the counter. We do our best to keep Mr. Grigsby away from anything that will cause him to react, but he manages to get into something every six to eight months or so. When it happens, he needs to have a steroid. His face swells and his paws swell. His lips ulcerate. If Mr. Grigsby doesn't get a steroid in time, his paw pads crack and his paws become secondarily infected from walking in the litterbox. Yep, it's best to catch it early. Mr. Grigsby requires a home that can medically care for an allergic reaction. An organized kitchen is a must, one where nothing is left out for him to devour. With all that said, Mr. Grigsby is definitely worth all the extra effort. Adoption fee: $50.


MoMo is our only declawed feline in the house. He arrived that way. MoMo, now approximately 7 years old, was found dodging cars scrounging for food in a grocery store parking lot. MoMo is a very quirky boy although his OCD tendencies are mellowing with age. MoMo does not want to live with other adult males (he will spray). He also at times prefers to use wee-wee pads over litterboxes. That has lessened with time, but MoMo still falls into a special needs category due to his unusual litter habits. MoMo lives in his own room in our home (apart from other adult males). Thankfully, he enjoys female company as well as kittens. His room is our "kitten room" whenever we have kittens available for adoption in our home. MoMo is neutered, dewormed, and up-to-date on all vaccinations including distemper and FeLV. Adoption fee: $50.


Tuscany is a gorgeous adolescent girl. She was trapped as a feral feline at ~4 ½ months of age, and Tuscany has now be socialized for indoor living. In fact, she has not been outdoors at all since she was trapped. Tuscany loves to cuddle but will likely take a little bit to warm up to a new home. She has been spayed and dewormed. Tuscany tested negative for FIV/FeLV. Tuscany has been vaccinated against rabies and has received her first FeLV and distemper vaccinations. She and her sister Berkeley both use the litterbox consistently. Adoption fee: $50.

Berkeley: Soon Available for Adoption

Berkeley, like her sister Tuscany, was trapped at 4 1/2 months of age and is being socialized to indoor living. Berkeley has clearly learned to love loving, but human hands still make her nervous. She melts when pet but prefers not to see the hand initially approach. Berkeley is spayed and dewormed. She tested negative for FIV/FeLV. Berkeley has been vaccinated against rabies and has received her first FeLV and distemper vaccinations. Berkeley, like her sister Tuscany, uses he litterbox consistently. Adoption fee: $50.

Sherman: Soon Available for Adoption

Sherman is a HUGE boy (17 pounds 6 ounces) who recently joined us. This big loverboy lived in a trailer park where a woman had pity on him and would set out food for him. He obviously ate well. However, while living in the trailer park Sherman ended up with heartworm. Heartworm doesn't affect the heart in cats but can go to other organs. Sherman has been on ivermectin and a steroid. He will require a once-monthly dose of ivermectin (available at Fleet Farm) for the next couple of years. This big loverboy is worth it, though. Such a special fellow. Sherman arrived neutered, so he likely was once someone's pet. Now he'd like to find a warm, safe, loving forever home. He has been dewormed and consistently uses a litterbox. Adoption fee: $40.