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Gretel is a one-year-old beauty born in a shed overrun with felines. She loves humans and affection but gets anxious around other felines. Gretel has been spayed and vaccinated against rabies as well as dewormed and treated for fleas. This beauty is negative for FIV/FeLV. Gretel is seeking a warm, safe, loving forever home. Adoption fee: $40.

Winifred: ADOPTED
Winifred is a precious ~9-month-old furball seeking a warm, safe, loving forever home. This beauty was trapped on 11/26/13 along with her momma and brother. A homeowner had been feeding the homeless trio but worried for their safety over winter. Winifred has been spayed, vaccinated against rabies, and dewormed. Winifred has been bullied by other cats--including her momma and brother--so she tends to be a bit timid, but she enjoys kittens and makes for a fabulous snuggle partner at bedtime. She does a purring, kneading waltz to beg for affection and/or food, making slow circles on the hardwood floor. This young beauty is seeking her own human to dote on her all the days of her life. Adoption Fee: $40.

Phineas: ADOPTED
Phineas is a handsome, outgoing ~9-month-old long-haired male cat trapped on 11/26/13 along with his momma and sister. A homeowner had been feeding the homeless trio and contacted me when she became worried about their safety over winter. Phineas has been neutered, vaccinated against rabies, and dewormed. He is a confident boy who has a bit of a rough edge when playing. Phineas also likes to pull at my pantleg to get me over to his food dish when it is empty. As a result, he would be best without small children. Adoption Fee: $30.

Dublin is a BIG BOY. He's a solid twelve pounds, but certainly not overweight. This handsome tuxedo boy was living life eating out of a gas station dumpster, but obviously someone had loved him in his past. Dublin quickly adjusted to indoor living, and he does fine with dogs. Dublin is a dominant male but lives fine with other cats that don't challenge his self-appointed role. Dublin has been neutered, dewormed, and vaccinated against rabies. Adoption fee: $30.

Zamboni was born on 9/22/09 to an adolescent pregnant stray. He is fixed and up-to-date on their rabies vaccination. Zamboni arrived morbidly obese. He has lost over five pounds but is still overweight. Zamboni will require a family committed to portion control. Zamboni is accustomed to living with other cats and dogs and happily sleeps all night on our bed. Adoption fee: $30.

Curio was dumped in the country as a youngster. By the time he showed up at a friendly farm, he had a nasty nasal discharge. When I took Curio into our home, I hoped that we could treat his infection and readily find him a new home. After all, he is an incredibly personable, outgoing feline. However, the underlying sinus infection persisted. After treatment for well over a year, Curio is finally free of his chronic sinus infection and available for adoption. He is neutered and up-to-date on his vaccinations including distemper and FeLV. Curio has tested negative for FIV/FeLV. He consistently uses a litterbox and is fond of cats and dogs and people. Adoption fee: $50.

Meet Jing. This handsome fella had been hanging out at a farm for a few weeks at the start of November. The family assumed he was female and named him "Crystal." Once Jing was trapped, he clearly wasn't a "Crystal." But his name now means Crystal. Jing has nystagmus. Those gorgeous blue eyes bounce around at all times. Jing has been neutered, vaccinated against rabies, and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. Jing still needs socialization, but he is ready to go to the right home, but that person has to be able to continue socializing him. He's not a typical cat as he continues to adjust to life indoors, but he is a loving, devoted fellow. Amazing to have his adoration. Jing loves, loves, loves affection. He wants to be scritched and rubbed and scritched and loved up. Jing seeks me out, wanting to be with me at all times.

With that said, Jing startles easily. Not sure if that has to do with his eyesight (he's not blind, but he is a bit cross-eyed with eyes that dance, particularly when nervous), but his gut reaction is to get away. If he can't get away (e.g., someone has put their hands under his belly to pick him up), he'll try to bite. That means he needs someone who will give him his space when needed and who will talk to him and reassure him. I even say his name over and over when walking in his direction to keep him from startling. I definitely can and do pick him up, but I don't surprise him. He also isn't necessarily a fan of being carried places (but lets me).

Jing does love other cats, males in particular it seems, but I haven't really seen him play with others. If I have a toy out, Jing doesn't focus on the toy necessarily (but he can see it because he will respond if I put it in front of him). Jing chases the cat chasing the toy, but not necessarily in a play manner. Tough to explain. Jing has been known as of late to tackle a couple of my more timid female cats. Seems a bit random behavior, went after one then the other. He has done fine with our two big dogs.

I'm hoping to find just the right home for Jing. He's a treasure, but a work in progress. Jing will blossom, and he will be the most amazingly devoted boy. But he needs just the right home. Jing needs someone who loves and believes in him, someone willing to meet him where he is and help him transition into the fabulous indoor feline he is meant to be.

Adoption Fee: $50.

Heidi was trapped as a pregnant feral feline. After her kittens found homes, we released outdoors at the foster farm. An injury brought her to the doorstep, and Heidi found herself readily adapting to indoor living. . .
Here's a link to Heidi's story: www.ipernity.com/blog/wee3beasties/494009
Adoption fee: $25.

Mr. Grigsby is another gregarious, outgoing fellow. People who visit to choose a home often fall in love with his handsome looks, outgoing personality, and soft fur. However, he will need a special home. After all, Mr. Grigsby is allergic to standard cat food. He can have limited ingredient duck and pea without difficulty or, what we feed him, is ground up chicken from a pet food deli. Of note, it isn't as simple as that. Why not? Mr. Grigsby is food obsessed. He will go after any food in the sink and even has figured out ways to open cabinets (now all have magnets holding them closed). This boy will tear into bags of anything left on the counter. We do our best to keep Mr. Grigsby away from anything that will cause him to react, but he manages to get into something every three to five months or so. When it happens, he needs to have a steroid. His face swells and his paws swell. His lips ulcerate. If Mr. Grigsby doesn't get a steroid in time, his paw pads crack and his paws become secondarily infected from walking in the litterbox. Yep, it's best to catch it early. Mr. Grigsby would require a home that had ready access to medical care for him. An organized kitchen would be a must, one where nothing is left out for him to devour. With all that said, Mr. Grigsby is worth all the extra effort. Adoption fee: $50.

MoMo is our only declawed feline in the house. He arrived that way. MoMo, now approximately 7 years old, was found dodging cars scrounging for food in a grocery store parking lot. MoMo is a very quirky boy although his OCD tendencies are mellowing with age. MoMo does not want to live with other adult males (he will spray). He also at times prefers to use wee-wee pads over litterboxes. That has lessened with time, but MoMo still falls into a special needs category due to his unusual litter habits. MoMo lives in his own room in our home (apart from other adult males). Thankfully, he enjoys female company as well as kittens. His room is our "kitten room" whenever we have kittens available for adoption in our home. MoMo is neutered, dewormed, and up-to-date on all vaccinations including distemper and FeLV. Adoption fee: $50.