Miss Opal: ADOPTED This young lady, approximately one year old, is a sweet yet timid girl. She LOVES spending time on my lap, purring and kneading away, as well as chasing Da Bird toy. Opal was rescued from a shed at the back of a farm, and she has since been spayed, vaccinated against rabies, and dewormed. Opal desires a quiet home (with fewer felines than her foster home) with someone patient enough to earn her trust.

Sullivan: Adopted Sullivan was rescued from living under a small porch in a trailer park. He was neutered and vaccinated against rabies on 9/19/13. This big hunk of love tested negative for FIV/FeLV. He's a cuddler, a lover, a scratch-my-belly-to-your-heart's-content kind of fellow. Sullivan gets along with dogs but would prefer to be an only feline.


Zuri is a beautiful 6- to 7-month-old spayed female who has a soft coat and loving temperament. Zuri wandered into our neighbors' garage. We searched for her owners for a couple of weeks before opting to check her for FIV/FeLV. She is thankfully negative. Zuri has received a rabies vaccine, and she has a spay scar on her belly. Zuri does well with our dogs, but she can entertain herself by chasing the other felines in the home (although she isn't truly aggressive).

Zamboni & Godiva (Godiva has been adopted) Zamboni & Godiva are two siblings born 9/22/09 to an adolescent pregnant stray (Vidalia). They were adopted once but returned to our home after the adoptive family house required structural work due to a leaky toilet. The family sadly has made the decision not to have them return to their home. The two are fixed and up-to-date on their rabies vaccination. Both are overweight and require a family committed to portion control. Zamboni, due to his weight, requires JUMBO litterboxes in his home. Zamboni is more outgoing and cuddly than his sister, but she cuddles once she knows a person. Both are accustomed to living with other cats and dogs. The pair are available for adoption either together or separately.

Heidi Heidi was trapped as a pregnant feral feline. After her kittens found homes, we released outdoors at the foster farm. An injury brought her to the doorstep, and Heidi found herself readily adapting to indoor living. . .
Here's a link to Heidi's story: www.ipernity.com/blog/wee3beasties/494009

Fergus: ADOPTED Fergus is an incredibly handsome eleven-month-old cat who was found emaciated and near death. Thankfully, through love, water, and careful introduction of food, Fergus has rebounded and is an incredibly grateful boy. He has since been neutered, vaccinated against rabies, and dewormed. Fergus has tested negative for FIV/FeLV and uses the litterbox faithfully. We don't know his story, and we don't know if his starvation led to the issue or perhaps caused it, but Fergus is not your normal boy. He's quirky, a bit uncoordinated, and not skilled in the social skills of felines. With that said, Fergus LOVES affection and attention and wants nothing more than to cuddle for hours on end. Fergus is seeking a warm, safe, loving forever home.

Curio In this case Curiosity didn't kill the cat. Curiosity IS the cat. Curio was dumped in the country as a youngster. By the time he showed up at a friendly farm, he had a nasty nasal discharge. When I took Curio into our home, I hoped that we could treat his infection and readily find him a new home. After all, he is an incredibly personable, outgoing feline. However, the underlying sinus infection never cleared. Weeks of antibiotics could clear up the secondary infection, but his chronic drippy nose continued. And we quickly found out failure to give Curio twice-daily lysine and twice-daily steambaths led to repeat bacterial sinus infections. Looking at Curio, you would have no idea he has any sinus issues. But we maintained his regimen to keep him free from any drainage, occasionally giving short breaks to see if the drainage recurs. Finally, Curio doesn't need steambaths. Yay! We haven't tried him off lysine yet, so we recommend that Curio continue taking lysine twice daily.

Mr. Grigsby Mr. Grigsby is another gregarious, outgoing fellow. People who visit to choose a home often fall in love with his handsome looks, outgoing personality, and soft fur. However, he will need a special home. After all, Mr. Grigsby is allergic to standard cat food. He can have limited ingredient duck and pea without difficulty or, what we feed him, ground up chicken from a pet food deli. Of note, it isn't as simple as that. Why not? Mr. Grigsby is food obsessed. He will go after any food in the sink and even has figured out ways to open cabinets (now all have magnets holding them closed). This boy will tear into bags of anything left on the counter. We do our best to keep Mr. Grigsby away from anything that will cause him to react, but he manages to get into something every three to five months or so. When it happens, he needs to have a steroid. His face swells and his paws swell. His lips ulcerate. If Mr. Grigsby doesn't get a steroid in time, his paw pads crack and his paws become secondarily infected from walking in the litterbox. Yep, it's best to catch it early. Mr. Grigsby would require a home that had ready access to medical care for him. An organized kitchen would be a must, one where nothing is left out for him to devour. With all that said, Mr. Grigsby is worth all the extra effort.

MoMo MoMo is the only declawed feline in the house. He arrived that way. MoMo, now approximately 7 years old, was found dodging cars scrounging for food in a grocery store parking lot. MoMo is a very quirky boy although his OCD tendencies are mellowing with age. MoMo does not want to live with other adult males (he will spray). He also at times prefers to use wee-wee pads over litterboxes. That has lessened with time, but MoMo still falls into a special needs category due to his unusual litter habits. MoMo lives in his own room in our home (apart from other adult males). Thankfully, he enjoys female company as well as kittens. His room is our "kitten room" whenever we have kittens available for adoption in our home.